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Twilight of the gods

In this body of work have tried to convey the upheaval of the turn of the 19th century by entangling the old Greek and Roman statuary of Versailles and Tasmanian flora (recently collected by citizen Labillardiere on the Bruni d'Entrecasteaux exploration) with the development of French porcelain and pottery. The statuary, which stands on the Terrasse du Chateau at the rear of the chateau and adjacent to the Parterre d’Eau, is that of the gods Silene, Appolon, Antinous, Bacchus, Triton and another representing the river Rhone. Overlaid on a portion of the Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen, these are associated with flora from the above expeditions and French vases as follows: Silène - Eucalyptus globules - Opaline Baccarat. Appolon - Acacia genistifolia - Galle. Antinoüs - Kennedia rubicund - Limoges. Bacchus - Hardenbergia violaceae - Legras. Triton - Boronia ledifolia - Limoges. Rhone - Banksia marcescens - French Cameo glass.

December 18, 2017



archival pigment and acrylic medium print

50 x 25cm

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