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Littoral: after d’Entrecasteaux

The intertidal area (also called the littoral zone) is where the land and sea meet. It is where different environments meet, mingle and exchange information. It is where French and Aboriginal cultures met on the shores of Recherche Bay in Tasmania in 1792. In this new new body of work I am looking at what came after the d’Entrecasteaux expedition. It utilises the expedition map of the d’Entrecasteaux channel/Bruny Island in Tasmania as a link between the beginnings of the French exploration of Australia at Recherche Bay and subsequent exploration. by Nicolas Baudin who landed near Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia on May 27, 1801.

December 18, 2017

Collagraph and archival pigment print
30 x 50cm

Collagraph and archival pigment ink print 30 x 50cm

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